The Kingdom of Lorrelsance

The Kingdom of Lorrelsance lies along the western bank of the River Rine. It is a place of fertile fields and great wealth from the trade roads cross the Kingdom. The Rine Path links the northern realm of Elda’Mar to the lands south of the Ever Winter Peaks just as the Woolen Road links San Mois and Marsien to the Empire of Zweialder. With it’s riches the noble line of Lorrelsance have built a Kingdom of wonders in the heart of Vanterra.

Seven holdings comprise Lorrelsance. To the north lie the Baronies of Arden and Northmarch. Both Suffered from the Great March of the Dead centuries ago but none so much as Northmarch, it’s capital of Stratheim still festers with the undead and the living that dare to plunder the ruins. To the west lies the County of Westreach, its long fields the breadbasket of Lorrelsance. To east is the County of Riverrun and the border with Zweialder, many keeps and towers stand along the river to keep watchful eye on the armies of Deified Emperor. Along the Ever Winter Peaks to the south are the Dutchy of Alsca and the County of Tuforet, the home of many mines and dwarven trading posts. In the center is Lorrelsance itself and its grand capital.

Many monuments fill the city. In addition to Lorrelsance Castle, the Cathedral of Pelor forms the heart of worship of the Lord of Sun and Summer within the Kingdom. In its sanctuary are the Chalice of the Sun, a cup said to cleanse water and grant care and comfort with a sip. The Knights of the Silver Sun, Lorrelsance’s paladin order of legend, also call the cathedral home.

In sight of the Castle stands the Tower of Macard, learning center of the arcane arts and mundane subjects. Less secretive than the nearby Tower of Rineguard, the Order of Macard attracts wizards and scholars from across Vanterra to create one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the known world.

The Kingdom of Lorrelsance

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